About Alo

Hi, my name is Alo (A - low). Here is the part where I am supposed to list all of my credentials but the truth is credentials can be attained by anyone. What I want to share instead is who I am. I am someone who is very caring and curious about everything. The planet, people, animals, and health. I love to travel. I have tons of energy and like to be active. I believe in the good of the world but I am not blind to the bad of it. No matter if I am reading, talking, helping, or working, it often leads to fostering healing and happiness. I am sensitive but resilient, analytical, and emotionally intelligent. I am also empathic, intuitive, genuine, insightful, nurturing, kind, and trustworthy. Now that you know who I am, let's get to know you!

My Specialities

  • Accessing achievement potential

  • Spiritual wisdom

  • Self-love and confidence

  • Getting unstuck

  • Inner voice work

  • Healthy balance

  • Creating supportive habits

  • Setting and enforcing boundaries


Certified life coach

Degree in Psychology

Understanding anxiety, depression, and cbt

Anita Lane, CPC
Advanced Certified ThetaHealer®
Certified Core Breakthrough Coach

Mentorship with

Me and Mine