Trial and error: the Doer Year

6/8/20232 min read

man in black shorts and black shirt
man in black shorts and black shirt

"It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

The biggest thing that I have brought into 2023 is just doing it. I have spent a lot of time learning and asking questions. I've spent more time breaking them down in my head to teach, share, and explain them to others. I think the lesson that most helped me last year was the lesson on learning boundaries. Clearing up where boundaries needed to be, what kind of boundaries and how to healthily set them? After a year, I have finally reached the point of having to just set them. Because what good would it be to know all of these things if I am scared to apply them? It's better to have one tip you use than a collection of tips you don't. That is why this will be my doer year of trial and error.

Doing things does not require perfection. It is okay not to know, to not have all the answers, and to not know how things are going to turn out. Life, in all ways, is about trial and error. If you are:

• Feeling stuck

• Needing self-care

• Learning to feel your emotions

• Trying to open a business

• Starting that savings account

• In need of mental health help

• Breaking a bad habit

The list would go on forever. But in all these things, the last step is always doing. However, Many of us live on the steps before it. I recently heard someone say, "if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly." It's a quote by G.K. Chesterton. I like this quote because it is the perspective that whatever it is that you want to do will require learning. It is a reminder that all things start somewhere. It removes the need to have everything figured out, planned, or known. I could try my hand at things and learn on the way. Of course, this doesn't apply to all things, but it applies to more things than we allow.

Tips for your doer year of trial and error

1.) If you rant about the same things repeatedly, it's time to stop and do something about it. It is time to actively move in the direction of change. When I was younger, I would rant a lot to those who could not make a difference in the situation. It's not until you have those hard conversations or moments with those that can are help create change.

2.) Allow mistakes. Remember that when creating change in your life, you must allow trial and error. Rather that is with setting boundaries, investing, or training for a new sport.

3.) Ditch perfect timing; It doesn't exist. If you wait for the perfect time, it will always pass.

One of the most significant barriers to people learning a new language is their fear of sounding funny. But sounding funny at the beginning is a part of learning the language. Babies and kids pronounce things wrong as they learn, and being older or an adult doesn't change that. This year when you are in need of self-care, practice self-care. If you have been planning to start a business, start your business. This year let go of perfect timing and knowing everything before giving some things a chance. Make this your doer year of trial and error.